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Whether you travel around Greece on business or leisure we list the best-value solution to enhance your travel or gastronomic experience and minimize costs. e-Travels offers a referral program for you so you travel cost-effectively and effortlessly. We guarantee the lowest prices for small hotels, restaurants and other shops in Greece that others cannot find online.

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A Referral Program that Really Works

The Referral Program of e-Travels is the fit that keeps on giving — for a lifetime. e-Travels referral program gives you the chance to earn Travel Credits from every person you refer. It’s simple, this is how it works:

1. Create your personal e-Travels profile

2. Share your referral link with your friends through Facebook, Google+, Twitter or in an email

3. When your friends sign up, they get 5% off their first booking!

4. When your friends book a tour with our integrated booking platform you’ll get 5% of their total booking cost inserted directly into your own travel fund! You will continue to receive 5% in travel credits for every tour in Greece your referred friends book — not just the first one!

The referral program of e-Travels puts no limit on the amount of referral credits you can accumulate in your Travel Credits, which means that well-connected travellers can potentially tour the mainland of Greece and Greek Islands with significant discounts not only in accommodation but in gastronomic destinations as well.

The Travel Credits can be used towards booking thousands of small or medium accommodation and entertainment businesses around Greece featured on e-Travels.

If you have any questions regarding the referral program please contact our Customer Service Team.