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e-Travels is trying to change the way that all the events and occasions that are happening around your location of interest are published and shared. e-Travels visitors can browse events in their current location, and sift through them using categories like “wine tasting” “nightlife,” or “sports and fitness,” or “music.” Users will also be able search for events in other locations, too, which sort of flips how e-Travels events really work when you think about it; instead of accepting an invite to an event and planning your day around it, now it will be easier to find something happening wherever (and whenever) you want to go!

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As a member of e-Travels, you’ll get a heads-up on new events, special offers and important dates published and shared from our Premium hotel and restaurant members. Plus, power up with exclusive discounts, competitions, rewards promotions and giveaways.Visit our Tourist guide and get a first look at what a dedicated travel catalogue brings to your accommodation and culinary experience around Greece.You can find out about special offers and events at the location you are looking for, before anyone else! This will also include accommodation packages for visitors and offers for those of you who like top dine in Greece!