Villa Paroraia

Tsepelovo, Epirus, 44010, Greece



Epirus. Along with the offer of sandy beaches cooled by azure waters, are splendidly defiant mountain peaks, healing waters tumbling through verdant valleys, tranquil lakes and lagoons. Visiting Villa Paroraia you will discover the vision of harmony and balance, an ode to timeless beauty that unravels the cares of the soul. On a tour of the prefectures of Epirus, you will find yourself enchanted by traditional villages flanked by fir and pine and babbling brooks. During your stay in Villa Paroraia, take every opportunity to try the local produce, famed for its quality and taste. Multicoloured concrete culture switched into green-blue stone villages, ancient arched bridges, ramshackle castles, quiet mountains topped with snow, and clear River gorges. Villa Paroraia is located at Tsepelovo, 44010, Greece and this is certainly an ideal location to feel like you’ve entered a realm where the past is charmingly present. 75 beautiful arched bridges used to connect these small villages to each other, and have the ability to quickly transport visitors to a bygone era. Come and be our guest at Villa Paroraia and you’ll earn some truly memorable prizes here: scrumptious food, energetic and curious people, wild and rocky nature, stone-paved streets and… good Greek vibes. This is what Epirus and Villa Paroraia is about.


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Epirus. Located in the north west of Greece, the region Epirus has a lot to offer. Enjoy a unspoiled nature, huge and small sandy beaches and a milder climate, that allows you swimming from May to end of November. Even during the high season, of July and August, one can always find a secluded spot on one of the beautiful beaches of Epirus. If you visit Villa Paroraia, there is always a different view around the corner. Villa Paroraia, offers moments of fun as well as tranquility and with Epirus’s plethora of sights, it will win your heart and stir your senses. Visit Villa Paroraia, at Tsepelovo, 44010, Greece and explore the birthplace of heroes, all role models for future generations, in a region where the humanitarian spirit has, on countless occasions, transcended lines of division and united peoples and cultures. Our website: | Our Location: Tsepelovo, 44010, Greece.

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