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Steni, Tinos, 84200, Greece




Angel’s Suites, Anassa Suites and Akathi Suites at the traditional village of Steni. The symbolic names, inspired by the divine Blessed Virgins of the Cycladic islands, define the philosophy of the lodgings. Stately but austere, traditional but modern, the dwellings stand as proud bulwarks of the island of the Holy Mother as they gaze outwards to Mykonos. Three stone-built mansions using the authentic architecture of Tinos clearly show their designers devotion to this blessed place. The arches, terraces and stone walls blend in perfectly with the landscape, breathing out the scented cropping of its harvest and oleander that seem to fade into the Aegean’s sweeping, all-compassing embrace.

Cyclades Islands. What’s your idea of the perfect beach? Green-blue water and white sand? Beach bars and water sports? Framed by rocks for snorkelling and scuba diving?A secret Aegean cove accessible only on foot or by boat? No matter what your ideal is, you’ll find plenty of choices in the Cyclades. Known for the iconic blues and whites of their villages and their stunning beaches, the Cycladic islands equally deserve worldwide renown for what their crystalline waters and cove studded shoreline offer to sea lovers. White Tinos specializes in a local treat with an aroma of the Aegean. Located at Steni, Tinos, 84200, Greece, White Tinos will make you believe that it has come out of the foam of waves and looks like a white painting on a blue font. White Tinos is ideal for a relaxed and serene holiday. Because of White Tinos location visitors can easily explore impressively fertile valleys, lush green gorges, stunning seascapes and traditional villages perched high on mountain tops, where the inhabitants still wear their traditional dress and live off the fruits of the land! White Tinos is the place where Greek tradition and hospitality come to a harmonious marriage.


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Cyclades Islands. The most famous island group in the Aegean Sea comprises some of the most beautiful islands in the world! Gorgeous sandy beaches, architecture in white and blue, traditional lifestyle, folk music, warm, hospitable people and barren landscapes with isolated chapels turn a trip to the Cyclades into a lifetime experience. Stay in White Tinos and feel the magnificent sense of freedom and relaxation flooded with the strong Greek light and the deep blue of the Aegean Sea. Located at Steni, Tinos, 84200, Greece, White Tinos is the perfect place to discover and enjoy the dazzling light and the crystal blue waters, in the quest of the paradise on earth. The Cyclades Islands, because of their proximity to Eleftherios Venizelos Airport and Athens, is an easily accessible beauty with a scenery variety: steep mountains, small fields, olive groves, vineyards, valleys, picturesque coves and off-the-beaten-track beaches. White Tinos offers you the opportunity to discover and explore unrivalled natural loveliness sceneries, beaches of crystal clear waters, exceptional Byzantine footpaths connecting traditional villages, archeological sites and breathtaking landscapes. Located at Steni, Tinos, 84200, Greece, White Tinos is one of the most beloved holiday accommodation choices - ideal for a relaxed holiday surrounded by old-style white settlements, quiet harbours, golden beaches, bare hills and gorgeous sceneries. Visit us and discover more! Our website: http://www.whitetinos.com | Our Location: Steni, Tinos, 84200, Greece

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