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Dodekanessos Islands. The Dodecanese have long been one of the most popular tourist destinations in the Mediterranean and the perfect choice for relaxed and peaceful holidays. All the elements which make Greece such a wonderfully relaxed, friendly and picturesque holiday destination are here, from the small whitewashed villages clinging to the hillside above the sea to beaches as good as you will find anywhere. The islands of the Dodecanese are totally off the beaten tourist track and by booking a room with Pedi Apartment your ticket to extra-ordinary relaxing holidays that will bring you in touch with the real Greece is an exclusive gift. In this part of the Aegean Archipelago you will find a glorious land, ready to reveal its genuine treasures to you. It is obvious from the moment you cast your eyes on Pedi Apartment at Pedi, Symi, 85600, Greece. Everything moves at a relaxed pace, set by the laid-back attitude of its locals, the serenity which has settled over the entire island and the romantic atmosphere enthralls the visitor. Stay in Pedi Apartment and discover the soul of your destination. Don’t just visit, live it.


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Dodekanessos Islands. At the crossroads of three continents among the blue Aegean Sea, between Asia Minor and Crete, A cluster of twelve islands in the southeastern edge of the Aegean, strung like a pearl necklace in the blue velvet sea. Each island has a character all its own and all offer a plethora of opportunities for relaxation, sightseeing, adventures and gastronomical pleasure – with a backdrop of stunningly beautiful beaches. Whether travelling with your children, your sweetheart or a big group of friends, you’ll find that Pedi Apartment is the perfect choice for you. Your journey begins at Pedi, Symi, 85600, Greece where the Pedi Apartment is ideally located: sandy and pebbly beaches, important archaeological finds, imposing Byzantine and medieval monuments and unique traditional settlements are waiting to be discovered... Your holidays at Pedi Apartment will be a montage of beautiful imagery and exciting, unforgettable experiences. If you are desperately seeking to discover lesser-known, unspoiled destinations or simply want to satisfy your culinary desires the local produced wine, paired with authentic flavours will never cease to surprise you. In Pedi Apartment you are all invited! Our website: | Our Location: Pedi, Symi, 85600, Greece

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