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Aegean Islands. Hospitable, bright and colourful, the Aegean Islands offer incredible treasures to all. In Hotel Elvetia every day of Greek summer feels like a celebration – and that’s because it is! You are all invited to the Hotel Elvetia at Panagia, Thassos, 64004, Greece to discover the fairs and festivals of August 15th, with their rituals, lutes and treats. You are all invited to the traditional weddings, and the bridal procession through the island’s cobblestone streets or to the Saints Day fairs, where the locals serve you homemade food and wine. You are all invited to the big parties and the cultural events and concerts at the open-air theatres overlooking the sea, or in the mediaeval fortresses. In Hotel Elvetia we are hospitable, open-hearted, always ready to provide you our services with pleasure and commitment. Because at Hotel Elvetia we want you to get to know the Aegean islands as it is – pure and authentic. And you will invite them into your heart forever.


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Aegean Islands. Sun, sea, authentic experiences, small miracles of gastronomy, and a vibrant nightlife. The Aegean Islands invites you to experience the world-renowned Greek summer! Hotel Elvetia can ensures you that one thing is certain: It’s not just the emerald water and the idyllic beaches that make holidays on the Aegean Islands a world-famous holiday experience. It’s not only the bright light that floods the sea, or the elegant architecture and pure nature. It’s the overall, personalized experience that gives a sense of perfection to these little Greek oases. Visit us at Panagia, Thassos, 64004, Greece, kick back and relax beachside or go exploring in these unspoilt, quirky and seductive treasures on this side of the Aegean. Hotel Elvetia Magnificent sandy beaches with crystalline water, picturesque mountain villages, dramatic coastlines, delicious food, rich history and rare natural beauty are literally right on the doorstep of Hotel Elvetia. Our website: | Our Location: Panagia, Thassos, 64004, Greece

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