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Hotel Thea in Marmari is inspired by the old mansions of the region. The design is based on the use of local natural stone and local architectural elements. All studios & suites are fully autonomous. 19 fully self-contained apartments. From the one-room studios of 38 sqm, to the suites of 80 sqm. The rooms are fully furnished and feature a separate kitchen to prepare all meals. The view to the sea is unique.

Central Greece. Mountain and coast, relaxation and adventure all richly wrapped with a freshness that only nature can provide. In the heartland of a great country lies one of its best kept secrets. A holiday destination most definitely deserving of attention, Central Greece is quite simply overflowing with the essence of life in all its various forms and all harmonizing perfectly with each other. Be our guest in Thea and you will discover history and myth sit side by side with unsullied nature, great mountains, inviting you to imbibe on their fresh air and accept their many challenges. Thea is located at 1st Ring Road Marmariou, Evia, 34013, Greece, offering an extraordinary accommodation experience and the chance for a thorough battery recharge. In Thea you will immediately discover your own point of equilibrium and sense of genuine balance. You would expect nothing less from a unique accommodation experience in which you can literally breathe in the stuff of life, drink its potent elixir and in a matter of moments feel its reinvigorating energy coursing through body and soul.


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Central Greece. In Central Greece you will discover where the heart of true Greece beats – while being enchanted by the variations of its landscape. Be our guest at Thea and start planning your trip here! Historical landmarks and monuments, stone built settlements, exciting hiking trails, national parks, ski resorts, beaches with turquoise waters, traditional customs and flavours, all tell the story of one of the most beautiful regions in Greece. Central Greece offers a huge range of activities from below sea level to the peaks of imposing mountains all-year-round. In Central Greece the harmony that bound men and their gods is still apparent. Visit Thea and you should realize why snapshots cannot do justice to the grandeur and serenity of the setting. Firs and tamarisks, waterfalls, ravines, industrial monuments, stone-built monasteries, ancient temples and theaters. Located at 1st Ring Road Marmariou, Evia, 34013, Greece, the Thea has an ideal location at the heart of the promenade, offering convenient access to the all major attractions by foot and by car. Our website: | Our Location: 1st Ring Road Marmariou, Evia, 34013, Greece

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