Porto Village

Paralia Korinou, Katereni, 60100, Greece




Porto Village Hotel is in Korinos beach in Greece. Located on the main street of the beach just across the sea, ideal for a quiet stay, and near Paralia (Katerini),where you can find all popular destinations (2km from the center of Paralia). With regular bus routes you can access to Paralia easily (the bus station is right in front of the hotel). Pleasant stay with variety of amenities at the right price.

Macedonia. Discover beaches where the mountains meet the sea. Trek to the peaks of Mount Olympus or bask in the sun and enjoy a swim in the crystal waters of the Aegean at Platamonas, Leptokarya or Litochoro. From Porto Village you can travel further north, where ‘Queen’ Halkidiki awaits you with 550km of golden coastline, crystal-clear waters and trees so close to the water they kiss the waves. Stay at Porto Village and explore the green waters of Sithonia or escape to the beaches of Kavourotripes, Karidi, Sarti, and to the exotic island of Ammouliani. Discover your passion for windsurfing, dance till the sun goes down at beach parties or just sit back and relax with a refreshing cocktail-in-hand in one of the most beautiful destinations in Greece. Located at Paralia Korinou, Katereni, 60100, Greece, Porto Village is the perfect place to stay and discover a magnificent region rich in natural beauty, history, archaeology and great food. A land shaped by gods, warriors, and ghosts, Macedonia sparkles with the sights, sounds, scents, and colors of its melting-pot history and epic geography. Visit Porto Village and discover remnants of the powerful civilizations that battled each other: temples and fortifications built by Athens and Sparta, Macedonian tombs, the arches and rotundas of imperial Rome, the domes of Byzantium, and the minarets and hammams of the Ottomans. Do not miss a visit to the Archaeological Site of Vergina (ancient city of Aigai), which is designated as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO as well as the Museum of the Royal Tombs. Macedonia is so charming that you will want to stay forever.


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Macedonia. Macedonia is a collection of diverse landscapes. As the nature changes from region to region, so do the people, culture and traditions. From Porto Village the destinations are many, and make up a mosaic of images, aromas and surprises: Serres, Drama, Kavala, Edessa, Kozani, Veria, Katerini – the options are endless, as are the experiences. Stay at Porto Village and feel a sense of serenity in the mountainous region of Vitsi and take time to reflect at the lakes of Prespa. In this part of Greece, nature rewards you with a unique feeling of tranquility. Porto Village is ideally located to a magnificent location where you can experience the remarkable culture of eastern Macedonia by embracing the customs and traditions of the locals. Here you’ll enjoy 365 days of diverse activities from water sports to skiing, trekking and bird watching. Whether you come for an extended winter or summer holiday or a short weekend getaway with friends and family, Macedonia is one of those destinations that will help you create experiences you’ll never forget. At Paralia Korinou, Katereni, 60100, Greece where the Porto Village is situated, you will not just find place to stay, you will also find people openhearted, hospitable, full of life and always smiling, a strong and unique tradition, a worldwide known cuisine and last but not least the cradle of a civilization that has been admired for millennia for its culture, deeds and accomplishments… Our website: https://www.facebook.com/portovillage/?ref=bookmarks | Our Location: Paralia Korinou, Katereni, 60100, Greece

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